Independent Eco-friendly Campus

Our eco-friendly campus located in an individual building boasts floor-to-ceiling windows which let in natural light, and adopts a water-cooled air-conditioning system which is effective in saving energy and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, thus providing children with a green learning environment.

Outdoor and Indoor Playgrounds

Our campus has a spacious outdoor playground and an indoor play area, both equipped with different kinds of sports facilities, to promote students’ physical development and enhance their gross motor skills.

Plant nursery

Children are born with a love of nature. Students are able to plant and observe the growth of plants at the plant nursery at our campus and thus get to know how to live in harmony with animals and plants in nature, and develop an attitude of respect towards all life.


Music Room  :

Cultivate the gift of music in students through singing and playing activities, musical games, rhythm activities, dance and manipulation of different musical instruments.

Art Zone         :

A diversified range of interesting art activities, exhibitions and art appreciation activities are held to develop children’s imagination and creativity, and thus allow them to acquire the skills to express their feelings and to be creative.

English Room:

An English learning environment with rich learning resources to enhance students’ motivation and interest in English learning, and encourage in them a positive attitude and confidence towards interacting with others and the environment in English.