• We are a non-profit-making kindergarten run by the Hong Kong Buddhist Association. We have been serving the community since 1st September 2015.
  • We are subsidised by the government and have joined the Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme.

School Vision

Adhering to the spirit of Buddhist compassion, we are committed to cultivating children’s intelligence and morality. We, in keeping with the school motto “Enlighten with Wisdom, Manifest with Compassion”, aim to develop children’s cognitive abilities and multiple intelligence, as well as instill the virtue of “benefiting oneself and others” and good values in them.

School Mission

We adopt the strategy “Body-and-Mind Environment Protection” and take a children-centred approach in our teaching, with the aim of helping students attain all-round development in the physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects, cultivating an attitude of gratitude and a graceful heart in them, and teaching them to cherish and sow blessings.